Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

Now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor landscape lighting installation project.

P.J. Pappas Company is a Woburn, Massachusetts outdoor lighting installation company that installs residential and commercial landscape lighting systems. We install low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures from some of the largest outdoor lighting manufacturers such as: FX Luminaire and Kichler.

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Irrigation Systems Spring Openings 2021

Irrigation Systems Spring Openings 2021

We Will Be Starting Our Spring Openings the First Week of April 2021 Weather Permitted!


If you have the Alleviator Valve installed in your irrigation system, then there is nothing you need to do ahead of time, prior to the Spring opening of your irrigation system. Our technician can turn the water on from the outside without having to access the valve inside. However; if for any reason you did shut the valve off on the inside, now is the time to turn it back on to avoid any delay in your system being opened.

If you do not have the Alleviator Valve plan to have your inside water turned on by April 13th. We will also call to remind you. Upon doing so, open the valve slowly. You should hear the water turn on but then stop when it gets to the outside plumbing. If you continue to hear water running or see any leaks at the plumbing (either inside or out); turn the water off immediately and call us.

Once out technician has left a door tag indicating that your system has been opened; please note the checked items on the tag.

BE SURE TO RUN YOUR SYSTEM IMMEDIATELY. If you encounter any problems, contact us so we can address issues promptly. After a certain period of time, it will not be determinable as to whether any problem was the result of the Spring Open or “lack of use” after the system was opened.

We thank you for your cooperation. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns, (781)935-9519 or email us at jean@pjpappas.com

Referral Program

Referral Program

Customer Referral Program – P.J. Pappas Company

We are offering a special offer for our valued customers!

How would you like a FREE Winterization in 2021?

Refer a friend or family member that has a NEW sprinkler or outdoor lighting system installed by P.J. Pappas Company Inc. and you will receive a FREE Winterization 2021! Make sure they tell us you referred them!

System needs to be installed by 9/30/21.

Thanks for doing business with us.


Peter Pappas
P.J. Pappas Company, Inc.
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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation
Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation
July Is Smart Irrigation Month

July Is Smart Irrigation Month

Fine-Tune Your Irrigation System Save Money & See Better Results

Automated irrigation systems offer convenience while protecting your landscape investment. A well-maintained system keeps your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthy, while minimizing water waste.

To raise awareness of the benefits of efficient watering practices, the Irrigation Association has named July Smart Irrigation Month.

Make time this summer to be sure you’re getting the most out of your irrigation system, while keeping utility bills low and helping to protect the environment.

  • Adapt your watering schedule to the weather and the season. Familiarize yourself with the settings on your irrigation controller and adjust the watering schedule regularly.
  • Schedule watering for each zone separately. For each area, take into account type of sprinkler, sun or shade exposure, soil type and plant requirements.
  • Inspect your system monthly. Check for leaks, broken or clogged heads, and other problems, or engage a certified irrigation professional to regularly check your system. Clean microirrigation filters as needed.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads. Remove obstructions that prevent sprinklers from distributing water evenly and make sure you’re watering plants, not sidewalks or buildings.
  • Have your system audited. Hire a professional to conduct an irrigation audit and uniformity test to make sure each zone is being watered evenly.
  • Install an inexpensive rain shutoff switch. Required by law in many states, these money-saving sensors prevent watering in rainy weather and can be retrofitted to almost any system.
  • Consider “smart” technology. Climate or soil moisture sensor-based controllers evaluate weather or soil moisture conditions and then automatically adjust the watering schedule to meet the specific needs of your landscape.
  • Think about low-volume drip irrigation for plant beds. Install microirrigation for gardens, trees and shrubs to minimize evaporation and runoff. Options include drip (also known as trickle), micro-spray jets, micro-sprinklers and bubbler irrigation.
  • Water at the right time of day. Watering when the sun is low, winds are calm and temperatures are cooler minimizes evaporation by as much as 30 percent. The best times to water are late afternoon, evening and just before sunrise.
  • Water more often for shorter periods. Setting your system to run for three, 5-minute intervals lets soil absorb more water than watering for 15 minutes at one time.
  • Water only when needed. Saturate root zones and let the soil dry. Overwatering results in shallow roots and encourages weeds, disease and fungus growth.

Call P.J. Pappas to learn more about our irrigation system installation services. 

Important Announcement

Important Announcement


We now have confirmation from the state that Landscape Services
can continue to operate as an essential service, provided that we practice CDC and MA DPH social distancing guidelines.

Our technicians will be taking all necessary health precautions to ensure our customers safety.  For our services, we are working outside of your homes and businesses and rarely need any access inside.

Services to our customers will continue as scheduled.

Our employees, customers and community safety is our top priority during this unprecedented time.

P.J. Pappas Company
23 Rose Farm Lane Woburn, MA 01801
P. 781-935-9519

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