Winterizing Irrigation Systems

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Winterizing Irrigation Systems

If PJ Pappas Installs Your Irrigation System, We Will Close Your Sprinkler System Each Fall.

PJ Pappas customers who have the “Alleviator Shut Off Valve” installed, the fall winterizing of your lawn sprinkler system will be automatically scheduled and your system will be shut down sometime during the month of October (unless we are notified in advance otherwise).  Our technician can turn the water off from the Outside using the Alleviator Key, which means you do not have to be home.  In this case, there is nothing that the customer will need to do in advance of the technician’s arrival. We will leave behind a notice letting you know we shut down the lawn sprinkler system.

The Alleviator® is a unique irrigation valve that eliminates tedious, time consuming, and costly irrigation system maintenance scheduling. With The Alleviator® shut off valve, we can now access the system’s water supply from OUTSIDE the customer’s home or building. No more customer scheduling headaches, no more wasted trips, no more wasted money, NO MORE HASSLES! And as an added benefit, The Alleviator will prevent system freeze-ups in colder climates, providing peace of mind for you and your customers throughout the long winter season. The easy-to-install The Alleviator has been proven to be 100% reliable and cost effective.

Lawn Sprinkler System Winter Closing – Fall Closing Irrigation Systems – PJ Pappas Woburn MA

For customers who do not have an “Alleviator Shutoff Valve” installed, we will call you in advance when it is time to have the water for the sprinkler system shut off (inside) so the system can be serviced.

At your fall closing, we will shut off the water to your system via The Alleviator® shut off valve or your plumbing. Then we will pressurize the system with compressed air forcing all of the water out of the sprinkler heads. Pressurizing the system along with The Alleviator® valve guarantees a freeze-proof system for the winter.

Winterizing Irrigation Systems
Winterizing Irrigation Systems

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